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We are sharing our favorite items for Back to School for the 2014 Fall Season! We’ve got picks for Elementary, High School and College students, so get your backpacks on, lunch boxes filled and get ready for a great school year with these back to school items that you can buy on

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By shopping at you can get your shopping done while fundraising for your school of choice at the same time. For every purchase you make on a portion of your purchase will go back to your school. Read, Set, Shop!


Items for Back to School:

Elementary School:

Back to School Picks - UMI Shoes5. Adorable Shoes! Check out these Addie UMI Shoes with straps which will stay on all day and cute little embellishments too.



Back to School Picks - Trapeze Dress4. Clothes: Roxette Trapeze Dress

Elegant lace shapes the bodice of a sophisticated trapeze dress with a flowing chiffon skirt.




3. Back to School Picks- Lunch Box Lunch Box: Back to School Lunch Box Gift

This Lunch Box gift is fiilled with 1lb assorted cookies and 4 individually wrapped assorted brownies. The lunch box comes in Red or Blue and includes a plastic case to keep food fresh. 


2. Back to School Picks- Jersey Sports Jersey: Tricot Mesh/Dazzle Football Jersey 

• 100% nylon PRO BRITE tricot mesh body

• 100% nylon DAZZLE cloth yoke/sleeves


1. Back to School Picks- Hello Kitty Backpack Backpack: Hello Kitty Backpack Pattern Check 

This Hello Kitty Backpack is perfect for class. A large pocket inside holds your laptop or textbook. 


High School:

5. Back to School Picks-Notebook Planner: Garden Path 2-Page-Per-Week Desk Size Planner

  • Full-year supply of dated loose-leaf pages in a 2-Page-Per-Week format
  • Hourly appointments 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Mon – Fri; 8:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. Sat/Sun
  • 12 colorful floral print designs on each monthly tabbed calendar.


4. Back to School Picks- Shoes Shoes: Blowfish Women’s Nagoa 

Make an eye-catching statement in the Nagoa flats by Blowfish.



3. Back to School Picks- Backpack Backpack: Olsenboye Floral

Braided synthetic trim turns up the texture on our floral-print canvas backpack, striking a balance between contemporary and feminine.



2. Back to School Picks-Dress Clothes: O’Neill Lina Dress

Be the most stylish girl in class with this adorable O’Neil Dress



1. Back to School Pics- Cell Phone Case Cell phone case: Kiss Case

Start out the new school year with this adorable phone case!






5. Back to School Pics- Running Shoes Shoes: Craze TR Women’s Running Shoes

For the running-crazed woman, this super-sleek athletic shoe is tried and true. Boasting a lightweight nylon mesh upper and loaded with features to enhance guidance and quick motion, the GEL-Craze is sure to boost your performance.


4. Back to School Pics-Satchel  Backpack: Blue Vintage Cross Body Bag

Rule the school with this classy and adorable cross body bag



3. Back to School Pics-Laptop case Laptop Case: I am Peace

Protect your laptop in peace love style with this fashionable case! Lined with a ultra-soft interior, this neoprene case protects your computer from daily wear and tear and while on the go, without adding bulk. 



2. Back to School Pics-Voice recorder Voice Recorder: Rechargeable 4GB LCD Digital Audio Voice Recorder 

Welcome to the new age with this voice recorder. Forget about a paper and pen. Record all of your lectures with this device!



1. Back to School Pics-Flash Drive Flash Drive: Victorian Flash 8GB

Be Prepared for every occasion with this cute and portable flash drive.

eMail GiftCards that raise money for your school or charity

Email Giftcards Instantly and Raise Money for Your School or Charity

Personalized email giftcards in a printable, elegant greeting card in about 60 seconds!

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From there, select the Giftcard category:

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email eGiftcards instantly at

Top 10 Gift Ideas for Dads and Grads

We are sharing the top 10 gift ideas for Dads and Grads! By shopping at you can get your shopping done while fundraising for your school of choice at the same time. For every purchase you make on a portion of your purchase will go back to your school. Read, Set, Shop!

Top 10 Fathers Day Gifts:

10: World’s Fastest Men’s Wet/Dry Shaver – 1% Back for Your School 

9: Nike Men’s Running Shoes – 4% Back for Your School 

8: Fossil “The Agent” Bracelet Watch – 1% Back for Your School 

7: Peanut, Cookie and Popcorn Gift Set – 1% Back for Your School

6: Michael Kors Dress Shirt – 1% Back for Your School

5: Samsung TV – 2% Back for Your School 

4: Personalized Beer Mug – 2% Back for Your School

3: Omaha Steaks: The People’s Choice – 2% Back for Your School

2: Golf Club Drink Dispenser – 1% Back for Your School 

1: Gift Cards – Select from dozens of top brand eGiftcards, personalize a printable greeting card and email it to your Dad in a few minutes 


Top 10 Grad Gifts:

10. The Popcorn Factory Bravo Sampler – 2% Back to Your School

9: Omaha Steaks Burgers – 2% Back to Your School

8: Travel Charging Valet – 1% Back for Your School

7: Portable Bluetooth Speaker – 1%

6: Electronic Salt or Pepper Mill – 1%

5: Full Page Portable Document Scanner – 1% Back for Your School

4: Garmin GPS– 2% Back for your School

3: 4 in 1 Stainless Steel Mini Grill – 1% Back for Your School

2: Sony VAIO Laptop – 1% Back for Your School

1: Gift Cards                                                                                                                                             Select from dozens of top brand eGiftcards, personalize a printable greeting card and email it to your Dad in a few minutes 

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7 Cringeworthy Reasons People Hate Fundraising

7 Cringeworthy Reasons People Hate Fundraising

Which of the following happens when people see you coming around with your fundraising forms?

  • Grandma stops taking your calls
  • Your friends suddenly have other plans
  • Your coworkers dive under their desks
  • Your neighbors hide behind the curtains
  • Your aunt reminds you that she still has a whole stockpile from the last fundraiser

Here are 7 cringeworthy reasons that people hate fundraising, but are afraid to say outloud.

  1. Overpriced Stuff - Every fundraising company has to make a profit on their business, but some choose to mark up prices on fundraising products by 10-100% or more! People realize that they can buy the same stuff in a store or online for much less, and they get jaded. Many people would rather cut a check that goes straight to the organization than pay too much for something.
  2. Confusing Forms - Who wants to write their personal information on a form and hand it to a kid or volunteer? Where does that information end up? How is it used? Which row do I check? How do I add this thing up? What was the price of that thing? People get flummoxed from filling out forms in general, and they are really uncomfortable handing over personal information.
  3. Fumbling Over Payment Options - Cash or check? Pay now or pay later? Really, in this day and age, any organization that can’t figure out how to take credit card payments is in trouble. Now that there are mobile phone accessories that are credit card readers, this should be a standard convenience to offer to your supporters who carry less cash than ever before, and hardly ever carry a checkbook.
  4. Delayed Delivery - Instant gratification is the name of the game! These days, you can look up any answer with just a few clicks, and we are all used to 100s or 1000s of entertainment choices on our phones, tablets, computers, radios and TVs. Don’t make us wait 6 weeks for a box of cookies! Speed up delivery or lose relevance.
  5. Unhealthy Stuff – About those cookies, popcorn, chocolate, and other junk food fundraisers, many schools and organizations are banning them for obvious health reasons. Why promote the consumption of junk on the one hand and then teach people to avoid these items on the other hand? It seems very hypocritical to be promoting child health & welfare while peddling empty calories.
  6. Hideous Selection - Some non-food fundraisers have a wide selection of ugly, useless stuff you simply don’t need. If I go through a whole fundraising catalog and end up ordering my 19th spatula just to make you feel better about your fundraising sales goals, it doesn’t make me feel better.
  7. Uncomfortable Social Pressure – I don’t want that awkward moment where I have to say no to you because of budget, taste, or selection reasons, and you don’t want to have to endure it either. We all know that kids are out selling just to gain the cheapo sales award gift items emblazoned in their minds at the fundraiser kick off rally. How about you buy your kid the prize, and write a check to the school or charity instead?

edRover was created to stop the fundraising insanity. Shop privately, for only what you want, at regular retail or sale prices.

This was one burnt out mama’s fundraising rant. What’s yours? Sound off in the comments below!

Feature Your Family on edRover

Feature Your Family on

We are wild about our “Rovers”, our wonderful customers who care so much about their favorite schools and causes. That’s why we are excited to provide a chance  be featuring your family on!

To be considered, all we need is a high resolution photo of you and/or your family holding up an edRover logo or something you purchased through the site. It could be an eGiftCard email, your family on a cruise or vacation, or maybe that great pair of earrings you picked up.

Just send us a picture and a paragraph about your edRover experience, and we’ll feature entries on our blog. Who knows, you may even get a chance to be featured on the homepage of!

So have a blast shopping for your cause at, and send us your entries!

6 Flexible School Volunteer Jobs for Working Moms

6 Flexible School Volunteer Jobs for Working Moms

Not all volunteering is done during the day! If you are a working mom but would still like to volunteer at your child’s school, there are plenty of opportunities out there. Here are 6 flexible volunteer jobs for working moms.

For the PTA:

    1. If you’d like to the be on the board and don’t mind working with numbers, the role of Treasurer is for you. Most of the work- record keeping on the computer, writing checks, keeping track of check requests-  is done at home. Once a month you attend a PTA board meeting, which is usually an evening event.
    2. All PTA events have at-home work: the Jog-a-thon will need someone to order the T-shirts and banners; the Fall Festival will need someone to process and package pre-ordered tickets; the Box Tops drive always needs people willing to count and organize the countless numbers of box tops that come pouring in. If you are willing to do the much-appreciated grunt work, you can do it at home.
    3. Evening events always need a clean up crew. After all the fun, send dad home to do the bedtime routine while you stay and wipe tables.

For the classroom:

  1. Teachers always have an unending pile of projects to prepare and packets to collate and staple. Let your child’s teacher know ahead of time that you are willing to do this at home. I promise you, she will regularly hand you bags of work.
  2. The classroom website usually needs a web master. You could enter in information on the calendar or update the weekly homework page.
  3. Keep an eye out for the teacher’s wish list. In this economy, all classrooms run short of Kleenex, baby wipes, and glue sticks. Grab some when you swing by Target and replenish the classroom.

If you, like most working parents, find yourself too exhausted to work at night, don’t underestimate the power of the cash donation. The whole reason the PTA puts on most of these events is to raise money for the school. Your cash donation will be hugely appreciated!

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